Our CREATIVE Collective took a broad sweep at detoxing – from clearing negative energy, to removing chemicals from our homes and on our bodies, to going analog with a typewriter… 

Here are some references and links to get you on your way – thanks to all of our attendees, facilitators, vendors and generous contributors to another successful CREATIVE Collective event!

Clean air is everything

Thanks Karla Reesor for sharing info on the Air Quality Health Index and to The Plant Place in Cochrane for those lovely little air-purifying snake plants.

What you put on your body goes in your body

Special thanks to the routine. natural deodorant gals Neige and Pippa for sharing their natural approach to beauty and life, and 19 natural deodorants and skin care products to make the shift to healthier easier!

Keri-Ann from Paterson’s Cabin for slowing us down with a hand massage and for her natural and beautiful soaps, creams and body products.

Energy detox

Heather from Negative Energy Clearing for reminders that we are wise, worthy women and for walking us through a grounding exercise to focus on our energetic systems.

A “Cleaner” clean

Stevie from Holistically Radiant for her mind-body-spirit approach and expertise around making our environment less toxic.

Digital detox 

Barb from Rite While U Can and her typewriters for the reminders to slow down, be thoughtful and to not get hung up on mistakes (sometimes they add charm).

Get connected to these lovely vendors whose focus on natural living inspires us.

Nude Market

Wash & Co

Live Greens

And a shout out to the important work of Highbanks Society for helping young moms become healthy, strong women! 

Embrace whatever helps you “gro”.