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HELLO gro!

We’re no doubt in unprecedented times – we have kept our events posted with placeholder dates that will likely be revised in the weeks and months ahead.

Stay tuned. Stay connected. Stay healthy. Keep gro’ing ♥

Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Cooking @ DATE & LOCATION TBD
Apr 14 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

With all the recent curiosity surrounding plant-based diets, how can we lean into this in a health-promoting way while not overwhelming ourselves and punishing our kids? 😉

Lee Rinne is here to help! A Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and owner of Me So Nourished, raw food chef and multiple Ironman Triathlete, Lee discovered whole-food plant-based goodness after suffering a serious injury while training and she hasn’t looked back. She believes in the power of plants to nourish us and is very passionate about this subject (you’ll see….).  As a former caterer, Lee loves feeding people and has been coaching clients on eating for sports performance since 2013.

Join us for a delicious culinary experience, where you’ll discover how to make a variety of tasty whole-food, plant-based (WFPB), family-friendly recipes, as well as gain practical experience cooking recipes from start to finish.

All of the recipes are vegan, gluten-free, nutrient dense and delicious.

You will come away from this cooking class with:

  • Helpful tips to get started with WFPB cooking
  • Easy and tasty ways to get kids engaged in cooking and eating new dishes
  • Information on the nutrient density of plant-based foods
  • Recipes from the dishes prepared at the event
  • Strategies for including more WFPB foods into your family’s diet

Some of the dishes we will be preparing and/or sampling include:

  • A homemade plant milk, which will then be blended into a smoothie
  • Quick muesli, which can then be used to create an energy bar or balls
  • Cheeze sauce and umami marinade for roasted vegetables
  • Homemade crackers and vegetables with cashew cheese
  • Lentil beet “meatballs”

Lunch will be provided (a choice of two plant-based soups plus a sweet treat to finish off) as well as a glass of wine. Please bring a container (preferably glass) to take home any leftovers of all the delicious samples from the day!

Registration details to be posted shortly (date, location).

This 4 hour class will be limited to 8 participants so please register early to avoid disappointment.

Opening Act @ Citizen's Club - DATE TBC
Apr 28 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

“I believe the power of the operatic voice carries emotion on such a cellular level that you cannot help feel something deeply when you hear it.”

We are E X C I T E D  to welcome you to the launch of our 2020/2021 gro’wth ring with Michelle Minke, Soprano, Teacher and Community Leader. We will be provoking emotions at a cellular level – we will explore this incredible space collectively and push a few boundaries with Michelle’s skilled guidance.

She may even shatter a couple of glasses for us, just for fun 😉

We will be hosting this special event at routine cream’s “Citizen’s Club” – where there will be liquid courage and natural deodorant on demand.

Watch for ticket details – don’t miss this unique experience to be inspired and provoked by this amazing woman in an incredible space!

Members Kitchen Party @ Private Residence
Jun 2 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

This Member’s Only seeding event will get us hands-on in the kitchen learning more about the idea of the “Bento Box” and how to incorporate more plant-based goodness into our diets in a beautiful, artful way.

Founding gro Member Stacie Smith will share some of her tips and tricks for sushi-making and we’ll use the Bento Power recipe book for “Brilliantly Balanced Lunchbox Recipes” by Shiso Delicious as our inspiration.

This event will be reserved for gro Members – space will be limited.

Save the date – June 2nd – and watch for ticket details.

Health Span, Cognition and your Brain @ TBD
Sep 22 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Save the date!

On September 22, 2020 we will be welcoming Dr. Arlin Pachet back to gro for a return engagement! This time we will be exploring the idea of health span, cognition and the brain. We’ll discuss resilience strategies and practical cognitive enhancing tricks everyone should practice to age successfully.

Things we can do now, things we can encourage our parents and loved ones to do to live longer AND better.

More details to come…

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr. Arlin Pachet, Ph.D., R. Psych, ABPP-CN

Dr. Arlin has been providing neuropsychological services to various health care professionals, lawyers and insurers since 2001.

As part of Dr. Pachet’s neuropsychological practice, he commonly completes clinical, disability, and insurance evaluations, as well as forensic neuropsychological assessments. Dr. Pachet also provides concussion assessments, comprehensive psychological assessments, and vocational assessments.

Dr. Pachet also has an in-depth and intimate knowledge of capacity assessment. In the last 17 years he has completed well over 1600 capacity evaluations and 10,000 various other cognitive and psychological assessments. He has provided capacity assessment training to well over 2000 physicians and allied health professionals within Alberta.

Yoga Nidra @ TBC - Crystal Palace
Nov 3 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

The Rise of a Well-Rested Woman

This is your invitation to sink into the power of rest, to reconnect with your well-rested woman, and to dive deeply into the magic of Yoga Nidra meditation. 
Don’t let the word “yoga” confuse you. There are no downward-facing dogs or other physical posture poses to this practice. Yoga nidra is a sleep-based, conscious meditation in which your mind is gently guided to a state of relaxation. You can practice Yoga Nidra every day to allow yourself to deeply rest – and it can be an incredible tool to help you sleep better. 
Join aromatic alchemist, self-care ritual artisan and gro member Shelagh Lenon from 1912 Aromatherapy to explore the idea of restoration. The evening will include information about this restful practice, a guided yoga nidra meditation experience, and your very own aromatic anointing oil.

Save the date – November 3, 2020 – ticket details coming soon.