Week 5  ♥    C u r a t e d   C u r i o s i t i e s

Here are some of the gems we’ve come across over the last week.

Keep Smiling.

Be Healthy. Stay Home. Wash Your Hands.

Get gro’ing. ♥

Giggling – cat vs. dog obstacle course competitions (two fun ones are here and here).

Learning – the multi-level tips from the Globe and Mail for improving our skill base while self-isolating – from container gardens to concocting cocktails to trimming bangs…beginner, intermediate, expert levels, pick your poison.

Sketching – if you ARE considering a DIY haircut during self-isolation, more helpful hints from the comedy maven Meredith of Baroness von Sketch show.

Gardening – Itching to get dirty?  Dig in here.

Flowering – Mother’s Day is coming up!  Support local and brighten someone’s day through the power of one Small Flower.

Travelling–  Well, arm chair travelling for now…let’s head to Majete and visit a wild land in restoration. Law enforcement, community, conservation – and beekeeping! – they all form a symbiotic relationship in Majete.

Planning – seems like a good time to get our sh*t together on the home front.  Your will doesn’t cover everything. This workbook outlines important and often overlooked areas of your life.  Rosemary Pahl offers a comprehensive guide to capture your “departing details” for around $15 in this digital package.

Cooking: Now that you’ve been baking bread for a month, perhaps you are out of flour? Some fun recipes for a flourless pantry.

Holy Sheeting:  Need an easy dinner? Try these sheet pan dinners.  Yah, baby.

Casting: amp up your curiosity and your imagination in the Conspiracy Theories podcast.

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♥ Be Healthy. Stay Home. Wash Your Hands. Get gro’ing. ♥