Happy Mother’s Day – Day 5!

It’s DAY 5 in our Lifestyle Detox Challenge and it’s also Mother’s Day!

Today we ask you to take 5 for yourself and bask in an aromatic ritual of self-care designed by gro member 1912 Aromatherapy to detox negative energy and stress.  Visit 1912 Aromatherapy’s blog for suggestions for this wonderful ritual.

On your spring walk and you notice a fragrance, treat it as an invitation to pause and sink into the moment.

  • Take a few deep breaths. You may choose to close your eyes.
  • Notice the scent for what it is. How would you describe it? Does the scent have a shape or a colour? Does it bring back any memories? Does it evoke any particular feelings?
  • Listen to the sounds that you hear. Are there birds singing? Do you hear the sound of urban life? Or moving water?
  • Feel the air/sun/wind on your body. Can you feel the warmth of the sun? Or the wind move through your hair?
  • If your eyes are open, notice what you see around you.
  • Simply be in the moment for a few breaths or minutes – whatever is available to you.

Shelagh from 1912 Aromatherapy also invites us to include a simple and transformational aromatic meditation.